Site-Specific Installation (2020)
Stone, Enamel, Wire, Aluminum, Epoxy, Acrylic, Nylon, Steel
120" h x 180" w x 240" d 
 Sculpture Project Space, Denton, TX 

Suspended Mo(nu)ments is an installation of a series of five sculptures. Each with their own pedestal, they are invisibly suspended from the ceiling of the gallery at varying heights, rising as they retreat in space. Installed asymmetrically, each aspect can be seen from all sides with the viewer fully entering the space. 

Recreating “monuments” found beneath highway underpasses and abandoned construction sites, the installation draws parallels between contemporary piles of rubble and unplaced fragments of ancient monuments and ruins. Unassembled, their remnants have a wholeness that cannot exist in a realized state. The work is a reflection of those ruins, suspended between destruction and resurrection, ideation and realization. By reimagining often overlooked and devalued remnants as icons of potential, the work addresses inherent conflicts within historical and socio-political hierarchies, value systems and power structures. Examining ontologies, what is and what is not, the work blurs the divisions between absence and presence, the made and unmade, value and invisibility. Transient in its entropy and defying gravity, the installation bridges the gap between the real and imagined. The installation invites the viewer to navigate the limits of reality and possibility, to explore overlapping dualities and the spaces between opposites.
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